Yem PolyTechnics was founded in 2007 with the mission to become the go-to technology consultancy for building world-class, one of a kind, web applications and web based businesses.


We have seen many great ideas killed because of poor execution by technology teams that didn’t treat their work as craft.


We knew we could provide the perfect place for entrepreneurs to come for founder level design and engineering leadership, and where large companies could inject entrepreneurial innovation into their existing product development efforts.


Our team of engineers, product managers, user experience, user interface design talent is our dream-team of talent.


By having the best people we’re able to do a few things: attract more great people, retain our great people, build applications faster by being smarter and be able to have the right team in place for when we build applications for ourselves.


In a company like Yem PolyTechnics, engineering and creativity drives the business.


Our people are all a aligned to creating well architected, extensible, highly scalable applications.


We don’t do ad-hoc, throw-away development ( not to confuse that with throw-away technology used in the customer development process ).


Because our engineers like working on great code and with great tools we’ve developed a library of re-usable components that are tested and well known by the team. By using these tools we can deliver more business value in less time.


With the benefits of a high caliber team come tradeoffs. Our team works best when they are inspired by the project, not by the pay check. Each person should feel they can provide any sort of input ( on the product design, team structure, etc. ) ideas are considered, good decisions are made and the client has realistic expectations.


If they don’t, then our clients are not getting the value of our team and our team is unhappy.